A Golden Opportunity: Introducing DigiGold on Galgal

Ever dreamt of hassle-free gold investments from your smartphone? Galgal, featuring DigiGold powered by Augmont, brings this dream to life. With just INR 10, you can start building your digital gold portfolio.

Unveiling the Convenience of DigiGold:

Imagine buying gold with a few taps on your screen. Galgal’s DigiGold simplifies your gold investment journey, bringing the gold market right to your fingertips. It’s the convenience of the digital age meeting the allure of traditional investments.

Small Investment, Big Growth:

Don’t let a tight budget deter you from investing. With DigiGold, a small investment of INR 10 can be your first step towards substantial wealth creation. It’s not just about how much you invest, but taking that first step.

The Trust Factor:

Gold is more than a precious metal in India—it’s a symbol of trust. DigiGold, powered by the reputable Augmont, carries this legacy of trust into the digital realm, ensuring your investments are secure and reliable.

Safety and Security with DigiGold:

Invest with peace of mind. DigiGold prioritizes your investment safety with robust security features. Your digital gold is securely stored and managed, so you can focus on your investment journey without any worries.

Golden Returns with Galgal:

Investing in gold has always been a smart move, and with DigiGold, it’s now easier than ever. Experience the growth potential of gold with the convenience of digital investing, all within the Galgal app.


Embrace the golden opportunity of DigiGold on Galgal. Combining convenience, safety, and growth potential, DigiGold offers an effortless pathway to start your investment journey.

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