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Information Security in Galgal

Information Security in Galgal Data privacy is a must have requirement when we think about data in financial world and it cannot be considered as optional. Any information

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Galgal raises $1M in seed funding

Galgal Raises $1 MillionIn Seed Funding Nov 2022 Galgal Money, a Mumbai-based fintech startup, has raised $1 million from angel investors. The funds have enabled the startup to

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Enjoy the festival of lights by managing your finances

Diwali is that time of the year when everyone, across generations and social strata, is in a joyous mood. GenZ has been born and brought up in a time where expenditure during Diwali has been higher than it ever was and they are accustomed to a certain level and a certain style of Diwali, especially in the urban centers across the country.

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