Netflix & Nickels

Between Subscriptions and Spending Wisely

Let’s face it: OTT platforms have taken the world by storm, and the army of youth is the dominantly targeted group who have lost their purpose in the thick of the upside-down because Stranger Things released its two parts months apart (calling for a renewal of subscription). 

In genuine terms OTT platforms curate video-based content for folks who are looking to binge-watching their way through productivity. Who constitutes this niche better than a sleep-deprived college student with ‘x’ number of assignments due? Well, Netflix surely has a bullish revenue-making trick up its sleeve and as a corporation it’s thriving! 

But, does expenditure on OTT apps count as a necessity or luxury for an average middle-class student? 

”Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.”

The essence of narrating this plot is to depict the contrasting money effect on two different parties. In India, pocket money for college students in the city oscillates between 15k to 30k. Spending on OTT apps will cost them around 7-10 meals. Experiencing the trance of the storyline and characters is followed by guilt and a loop of unfinished assignments. 

A cliche, but the monetary concern is of paramount importance. 

How should college students learn smart finance in the digitized economy and wisely choose from a selection of infinite services & commodities? Well, ushering into an outlandish experience of freedom and youthful zest becomes more rewarding when money doesn’t get in the way of your fun-filled days. Because having money isn’t everything, it merely gives you options to learn the art of prioritizing early.  

We can let you in on a few financial strategies that can alleviate your money blues and implementation is up to you with only a few clicks and willpower away. 

1. Befriend Budgets 

A breakdown of your monthly expenses will streamline the process of allocating funds. Use extra money smartly without feeling guilty about overspending because your limits will be set by a realistic amount. 

2. Avail Monetary Services 

Your brain must be occupied sectioning debate club, literature society, and semester exams. A part-time job might be adding a sour cherry on top of it all. Thus, to avoid burnout it’s best if you leave critical tasks to a technology ecosystem wherein all your needs in context with money are settled automatically. 

3. Part-time Job for Full-time Independence

Do you have a knack for designing? Don’t shy away from the myriad of opportunities the WWW brings to your doorstep. Earning a couple of extra bucks could help you be less thrifty or allow you to finally explore the crypto domain by investing your own money. 

4. Discount is the Dream 

Obsession with discounts is a good thing when you have minimal income. A word of caution: Indulgence in buying unnecessary stuff will have the opposite effect on conscious budgeting. 

Financial literacy is a must when you are just starting on the path of freedom. And a guiding figure always aids your problems. Galgal aims to do just that! We become your financial planners so that you can get rid of the mental toll of maintaining topsy-turvy records. 

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