Top 4 Ways to Curb Shopping Habits

Do you relate to watching try-on halls on YouTube just before it is time to turn the page on the calendar? So, guilty as charged! 

Most young people browse and save a million items on their wish list before their salary is even credited. According to a digital shopping behavior study, annual online shoppers have escalated from 110 million to 190 million in the previous three years. 

Here’s the catch, though! 

The instant gratification derived from shopping results in a stressful financial hiccup for the rest of the month. Mostly, people don’t even fancy the product once bought and feel the crippling blues of personal finance.

Overspending can be easily avoided with Galgal - the feel-good banking app that incorporates behavioral science through its transaction stories.

Instead of going broke by the second week of the month, you can prioritize and adopt the following habits to curb your shopping expenditure. 

1: Unsubscribe – Remove the Virtual Clutter

We understand that looking at the latest SmileyWorld x H&M collection and joyfully adding items to the cart is a second-hand therapeutic experience. Immersed in rainbow hues, one can urge to buy the eye-catching, newly-patterned item. But, think about this – What happens after a college student spends 5000 bucks on three clothing items from a brand in vogue? To simply put, financial anxiety interferes with other spheres of their life for the rest of the month. 

The easiest way to avoid this bubble of blues is to rush and tap the uninstall button on every shopping app, making it difficult for you to cultivate healthier spending habits. 

The time spent browsing apps or websites also makes folks procrastinate. So, once you save money from unhealthy spending, you also buy more time to be productive. 

2: Set an Allowance 

There is no doubt that conscious shopping helps develop self-control. One can always enjoy rewards every now & then. The essence of making the most out of a shopping experience is to set a limit on your spending. 

Once you step out to absorb the sunshine while thrifting, enjoy the artificial breeze in the mall or unlock your laptop for some midnight indulgence, you must not overspend. Thus, at the beginning of each month, you can allot a fixed amount to some guilt-free shopping. 

3: Befriend Sale But Don’t Love It   

A couple of months ago, a new and gorgeous collection of Libas released on Myntra. Those beautiful Indian pieces seemed a luxury before Myntra’s Summer Sale for people with a low budget. This scenario changed as soon as Myntra started its sale, and the maximum prices halved. 

The example speaks for itself. It would have hurt people to spend double the amount on a single item. Sales are a great way to find striking clothes at a reasonable price. 

Word of caution: Overspending in sales cancels the deal with happy finances. 

4: Cut that Credit 

Switching to debit instead of credit is one of the wisest decisions anyone can make to level up their finance game. The ease of digital payments has also made it easier to make impulsive shopping decisions.

The solution is simple. Always spend lower than what you earn to buy yourself something nice. Credit cards are monetary-grim reapers that steal the liveliness of a healthy financial lifestyle.   

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