We Are Galgal

The Feel Good Banking App

Are you facing a double blow of the hot economy and your unavoidable indulgences?

Well, being aware of this universal dual hit of prices and wants, we have built ourselves as the feel-good banking app. With Galgal, budgeting becomes a cakewalk (as easy as relaxing in Goa!). If you are someone who needs an incentive to organize money better (a cooler version of your parent’s advice), then Galgal can be your financial advisor that makes the problematic talks about money smooth and easy. 

We wish to extend a virtual friendship that will help you achieve financial freedom. We promise you five attributes. 

We come with a zero-balance prepaid card: With a Visa card, you can enjoy spending hassle-free and make contactless payments. We help you be quick, easy, and safe with money. 

We bring Pitchers to the party: We not only invite you to the lap of luxury with us but pave the path to stress-free banking that will help you achieve monetary goals. With Galgal, your money splits into pitchers that clink with the noise of your expenses, savings, and guilt-free spending (the sound of money is music to the ears). 

We add dynamism to your money goals: With automated payments, Galgal steers the ship of your money goals (while you sip margaritas on the deck). Dynamic Budget Split will take care of recurring payments and alleviate the stress of repeatedly exhausting yourself while taking care of the essentials.  

We love stories: Galgal wants to make this relationship as fun as possible! Storytelling is the highlight of our process that filters out your guilty spending habits and gives you a smooth experience of happy banking. 

We listen: If you feel our interface isn’t solving all your monetary problems, an adept team is here to help 24/7. 

We aren’t done yet! Any joyous extra features that follow are just the cherry on the cake. 

We are coming to you this August to wash away your blues with stress free banking. 

Galgal is the place where financial appeal meets simple habits.

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