Galgal: Your financial
planner for life

People’s outlook on financial planning :

Financial planning is something everyone needs to do all the time throughout their life. It is a part-and-parcel of daily life to worry about expenditures, going over the limit, saving up enough, and so on. Naturally, financial planning can come across as something that is stressful and extremely hectic. Most people in the world are unable to figure out the perfect balance for their resources. We don’t need to look any further than the folks right in front of us. How often have we witnessed fights between our parents, siblings, or other family members over spending too much or not saving enough? Saving money is ingrained in Indian culture on a fundamental level. However, it becomes challenging to meet a deadline, particularly for young individuals.


Most people manage their finances by creating a budget and analyzing where they can cut back on their spending. However, they don’t really track each and every penny that was spent, critically analyze every expenditure, and especially do not look at how spending the money made them feel. A lot of people are also apprehensive about using and creating spreadsheets because they find it to be a very time-consuming and complicated process.

Essentially, people are limited in their ability to manage money because they either can’t use the devices in place today or are simply not sure of how to approach it. This is precisely what Galgal aims to solve.


Galgal : A Solution

Galgal is an app that has been created with the intent of helping people, especially young people, manage their personal expenses. With our features, we take the entire process of money management and condense it into four features that help reduce the stress involved. Our budgeting feature helps you create a budget without spreadsheets and tally marks and makes it extremely easy for you, the user, to operate. Our Savings feature, which is powered by our Smart Analytics Engine, helps you save every time you spend. The Savings feature also ensures that you stay on track with your budget, and the app gives you a positive nudge every time you save. 


The third unique feature we have is the Spendings feature, which tracks every rupee you spend and assigns it a relevant tag for future review. You can also customize this tag for your reference. By simply asking you, the Spendings feature tracks how you feel about each expenditure. This helps in determining whether certain expenses are necessary or not and can be used by you while setting a budget in the future. The fourth and most unique feature is the Galgal card. It is a prepaid card and a new-age solution. The user has to transfer an amount to the card, which can be used during transactions. Galgal Card is accepted everywhere VISA cards are accepted, and it has contactless transactions enabled.

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