Pre-paying for stress-free experiences

How it increases enjoyment

Are you anticipating a French vacation, a Ladakh expedition, or another of Diljit Dosanjh’s concerts? The art of anticipation is exciting, but it can get problematic when your finances are not pre-planned.

Consider the following:

  • You go on that French vacation just as planned, but inflation raised the hotel bill beaming with sweet crêpe orders. It is safe to believe that you will take care of your credit card payment for a while longer than the vacation, turning your sweet French getaway into a bittersweet memory of tight finances. 
  • You might even take the Ladakh expedition, but the heavenly views will be interrupted by thoughts of paying for the paradisical experience. 

Each example points towards the absence of enjoyment at the end of the experience. The question is, will it always be like this? To simply answer, no. Spending is overestimated as a stressful activity, but science says that spending on meaningful experiences that bring joy escalates dopamine levels. 

Pre-paid experiences make enjoying moments easier as there is no liability to pay for work post-making memories. 

In the contemporary world, consumerism can bring happiness. A key to a healthy mindset and positive relationship with money is to identify conscious consumerism and practice it effectively. Science says it starts by bridging the gap between getting the experience/product and paying for it. Changing the symmetry by paying beforehand can make the wait more worthwhile. 

Consider the following now: 

  • You pre-paid for a fixed package at a splendid holiday cottage (Chambre d’hôte) with meals and can freely spend the extra bucks shopping for french collectibles and souvenirs. 
  • You start a savings pitcher called Ladakh 2023 and start building the fund. Once you have more than the minimum required money, you can pay for the experience and enjoy it without fretting about the overdue payments. 
How does Galgal help in Prepaid experiences?

Galgal helps you leverage the anticipation of spending money. It nudges you toward a credit-free digital banking experience so that you can only save and spend consciously.


Galgal encourages you to make pitchers for your essentials, goals, and dreams. It incorporates behavioural psychology and helps you work toward finances that bring you happiness. (The next time you buy those stand-up comic show tickets and feel awful after the experience, you don’t need to indulge yourself anymore.)

Galgal’s prepaid card makes your life easier. If you are a college student who is anticipating a vacation to Manali in December, Galgal’s prepaid card will help you make advance payment for the winter wonderland experience. Neither you nor your parents will need to worry about paying off credit card bills later. Galgal’s feel-good digital banking app will help you in your savings journey. 


Prepaid cards revolutionise personal finance with mindful stretches for your money muscles. They help to exercise control over money by setting a limit to your spending. 

You can happily cease the wait to experience Manali in December as we are launching soon. Get a Galgal prepaid card and spend consciously!


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