Tips for Splurging Mindfully


Technology is advancing quickly, making it simpler than ever to access money. When it comes to purchasing or paying for goods and services, friction has almost completely disappeared thanks to seamless transactions and one-click payments. Sadly, because of this convenience, people’s unnecessary spending has risen, leaving their coffers empty and occasionally even pushing them into debt.


However, with mindful splurging, one can become conscious of their money. Not only does it make managing our money simpler, but it also increases our happiness and financial strength.


But how to do so?


Tips for Mindful Spending


The golden rule of wise spending is to save money before you spend it, 

i.e., Income – Savings = Spending.

This rule makes it much simpler to make plans for the future. Following that, we see where and how to spend. Here are some pointers to get you going.


  1. Budgeting: The first and foremost thing to do is budget. It helps you plan your spending in advance and lets you know whether you will have money for a particular expenditure or not. Zero-based budgeting is one of the budgeting methods used by companies and can be used by individuals and families as well.
  2. Analysing past spending: Previous spending analysis can be used to determine where money was overspent and where it could be saved in the future. This can be carried out on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
  3. Using Cash: Unlike credit cards, cash allows you to spend only what you have and improves your ability to stick to your spending plan. Numerous studies have demonstrated that people are more emotionally attached to physical money than they are to digital money, which promotes wiser financial decisions.
  4. Disabling one-click payments: One out of every five customers abandoned their checkout procedure because it was too laborious or confusing, according to a survey by the Baymard Institute. One-click payments eliminate this problem, increasing orders; nevertheless, as a result, individuals buy things without thinking, which they later come to regret. You can avoid making unwanted purchases by turning this off.
  5. Guilt-free spending: It is important to save some money for pleasure purchases in addition to all the other spending and saving. It can involve buying pointless stuff like a concert ticket. After all, your regular job life needs fun.
  6. Financial Planner: In accordance with your long-term financial objectives and time frame, the money you saved also has to be invested. The best way to achieve this is with the assistance of a financial planner, who can provide you with advice on how and where to invest your money to meet your objectives.

The aforementioned tips can assist one in better controlling their spending and planning their finances, which will not only aid in achieving financial freedom but will also provide a better grasp on the future. 


How does Galgal Help?

Keeping the need for mindful splurging in mind is how Galgal is made. We help you with everything, from creating a budget to monitoring and analyzing your expenditures, giving you total control over your money. One of our important features is the emotional tagging of each and every purchase, which later aids in a better comprehension of your expenditures. We also provide a prepaid card that can be customized to give you more control over your online purchases. All our features help you feel good about your spending and squeeze the most out of your money.

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